What Are The Words?

What are the words
When all feels lost
When those you have loved
Are gathering moss?

What are the words
That one can say
To sooth a loved one
When one of theirs has been taken away?

What are the words
That one can give
To heal the living
As their dead once did?

What is the wording
That one can clasp
To lessen the burden
When even the sun seems black?

What is the phrase
That one can offer
That in a time so grave
Will at least seem proper?

What can you say
In moments so chilling
When someones very desire to live
May be losing its willing?

What can you say
To ease the pain
Of those whose lives
Will never be the same?

It seems there are no words
To give them strength
No matter how much deserved
Or how good their intent.

For when those loved
Are forever lost
There is only the inept words
‘Im so, so, sorry for your loss’.

© Daniel Breslin