What Use Is It

Tell me what use is it
I look for truth in it
Put our troops in it
Now it’s our youth finished
He studied for a future
Water muddied sack the tutor
Once a commuter on school buses
Now a shooter in the bushes
And a lot ain’t coming home
Shot in the heart
Or apart blown
Oh Johnny will be fine
He’s cute as a fox
But poor Johnny is lying
In dispute in a box.
People follow leaders
Parents are the feeders
Children are the bleeders
Between lines we need readers
Died fighting someone else’s war
Died wondering what for
Didn’t know his executioner
Just another kid with no future
And Mama didn’t raise her son
So he would die waving a gun
And when she’s told his days are done
Her heart decays and her soul turns numb
So tell me what use is it
To put our troops in it
Until our youth finished
None is the only truth I see in it.

It’s been said a million times before
And it’ll be said a million more
When it comes to war
What the hell are we fighting for?
If I could have my say
If I could have my piece
Then upon that day
I would say for peace
The results of war
Are much the same
And at its core
It’s mostly pain
Some folks soar
To financial gain
Others made poor
And financially maimed
Deny a man opportunity
And cripple him financially
And you don’t just cripple him substantially
You cripple him whole handedly
In doing so maybe his whole family
And war’s the provider of both
Often prided as a provider of hope
But a lot of hope is what it snatches
As they lose hope for lost dispatches
And when broke and living on scraps
There’s no way to denote how a man reacts
Leave him trapped and feeling crippled
Looks for cash, it doesn’t even trickle
His family strapped, and barely brittle
Then a man might attack, you feel the ripple
Every action, has a reaction
So every action, must be weighed with compassion
But that’s not how we’ve been acting
That sure isn’t how it happens
And when you see the destruction we can leave
Nations left to bleed
Over simple greed
Then let’s keep it simple please
Why we fighting for someone else?
Destroying the ones that need our help
It’s an irony in itself
It’s tyranny and it’s wealth
Fighting for their freedom
Then facilitating the thieving
Must be a humiliating feeling
Fighting a war you don’t believe in
So if you ask me what’s the use in it?
Profits the only truth that’s ever in it.

© Daniel Breslin