When I Enter The Club

When I enter the club I ain’t in V.I.P
I’m on the DAN-C-E FLOOR
Shaking- my- ass
Like a god damn whore.

Fuck your V.I.P
Over priced champagne
Gimme a Dance floor, whiskey
And the house of pain.

Give me ‘Sky and Sand’-And I’ll own that floor
Give me ‘Dockyard’-And I’ll own some more.
I ain’t up top- Like a posing tosser
I’m in the boiling pot- Like a death proof lobster.

Turn it up- BANG THAT SHIT
Let this whore- Shake his hips.
Pump his fists
Big box, Little Box, All that shit.

Shit I feed the fish- Deal the cards
Jump around-Trying to feel the stars.
Tone it down- I’ll match that vibe
Do ANything- to make me come alive.

See a girl I like- Now that’s me buzz
What’s the story?- How’ya love?
Maybe not much game- But the intent is plain
You never know- Might even ASK her name.

And if she ASK the same-Then the game is on
Wait a minute love-Now that’s me song.
Be back in a sec -Don’t go nowhere
But it’s her song too-She’s already elsewhere.

Off with her friends-Going buck wild
I like this one-Now that’s me style.

What would I DO up top?- All on the act?
Same jacket, slacks- And chat to match?
What’s up with that?- Fuck that crap
Down the lobster pot – I got the buzz on tap.

But if the girl come back
Then it’s time to chat.
See how that go
Tell her all the things a girl don’t wanna know.

Got no job- Car the same
Got no dreams – Or goals to attain.
If she can play like that-Have the buzz
Then I’ve found me match -And it might be love.

Take her number down- She might take mine too
And we’ll bounce around – Till the night is through.

Lot of these places- Just comparing jackets
Girls run around – Trying to suss wage packets.
Feck that racket- That chat’s not real
Got my goals too – But tell me how you feel.

What’s your character?
What’s your buzz?
What’s your interests?
What’s your loves?

What’s your hobbies?
What’s your view?
How you spend weekends?
Reveal the real you.

If passions match your work
Then NOW we’re talkin’
But if that’s not the story
Tell a different one, or that one walkin’.

The world is filled
With so much noise
Heads forever drilled
With status, symbols, and other decoys.

But I’m about the living
I’m about the joys
When I’m with my girls
And I’m with me boys.

Might chase those things-Like the living HAve to
But when I’m in the club-It’s just LOve I pursue.

So if we are going to chat
Make it a laugh or real
For- IN- the club
Love’s the only buzz I feel.

Growing old, is for the young- Got that done
So I’ve a lot of my fun- When I’m acting young.
Don’t even need the drink-Just a BANGIN’ beat
Anything- that gets me on my feet- and out my seat

When I enter the club- I ain’t in V.I.P
I’m on the DAN-C-E FLOOR

© Daniel Breslin