Words Can Be So Lonely

Words can be so lonely
Words can be so cold
When words are your only
Things to touch, things to hold.

This world can be so hard
As beautiful as it is
When the one you love is barred
And will always be one of his.

Words can offer such little comfort
Even when offered from the heart
When it’s not the words you want to comfort
It’s the purest of all hearts.

It’s so hard to do the right thing
When to your heart it’s just so wrong
When to do either is just so frightening
And to do either one must be so strong.

It’s an Irony this life
At the very best of times
I began to see your vision
As you began to draw your lines.

It’s hard to sit here lonely
When I could be loving you
And I hate to think if only
As it only turns me blue.

You’re a soul to cherish
And if it’s your wish you can walk away
But our love will never perish
It kills me everyday.

© Daniel Breslin