You Ever Get Them Nights

You ever get them nights
You just be looking at them stars
Listening to Einaudi tonight
He just playing piano bars.

I got that freedom in my mind
Thinking how beautiful everything is
Young guy walks by with his girlfriend
Then comes a mother pushing her kid.

I got that easy feeling
That incredible awe of life
This setting is so healing
I’m feeling that tonight.

This picture offers clarity
Little clarity is always nice
I’ve been living in confusion
Till confusion feel my life.

I ain’t sitting brooding
I feel magical tonight
Picture so completely soothing
Losing all that makes one uptight.

You ever get them nights
You just be walking looking at stars
Not a single need for talking
Nearly laugh at people in bars.

You just got that magic in you
And it don’t depend on drink
It depends on all these others
And you just having time to think.

You ever get them nights
You just walk our city streets
Breathing in the sights and people
That give our city its beats?

Smiles upon their faces
As they laugh as people do
And a smile crosses my face
Maybe I think of you.

You ever get them nights
You just be looking at them stars
In complete awe of life
Einaudi playing bars.

Me, I drink it in
Rarely feeling more free
Just walking breathing in
The world that I can see.

You ever get them nights
Them nights are there for you
We’re just passing through this life
Don’t let this life pass you.

© Daniel Breslin