Another Side

Another side
A wilder side
A side
Some may hate to know.

A selfish side
On a pleasure ride
A side
With no pride to show.

A side that breathes
It has its needs
Which leads
Where it probably shouldn’t go.

A side that feeds
On selfish deeds
Sets its greed
On what it doesn’t know.

Though it lacks in charm
It means no harm
As it thrives
On base and low.

It needs to act
Despite the impact
Rarely thinks
Just needs to know.

Ignoring reason
Justifies treason
Embracing a heathen
Leaving guilty feeling it’s pleased to know.

Now everything else
Preventing expression of self
Become jailers
It thinks the lowest of low.

For life is its right
It’ll do what it likes
In the end
It will be better to go.

When it’s released
And pleasure is seeked
It looks to feast
Among similar beasts.

© Daniel Breslin