The Best

Georgie Best
Now your soul’s at rest
We’ll remember you were blessed
With a footballing finesse.
It was a terrible sad day
When we heard you passed away
We know how you loved to play
We watched you fade away
It’s true to say
We would love to have you here today
Love to hear what you have to say
When you fell ill, many began to pray.
Such a shame
But we’ll never forget your name
We watched and felt your pain
When it’s addiction, it’s harder to blame.
You brought such happiness to the masses
‘That’s Georgie Best he’ll whip your asses’
Watch you fly down the wing
No regular guy, you were a King
Made so many people proud
When they say your name
Best believe they say it loud
Still proud
Hear the thanks from the crowd
Thanks for all you gave
Georgie Best, George the brave
Watch you skip past defenders
And all other contenders
That’s what everyone remembers
Will outlast all your benders.
Such a taste for living
All errors willed forgiven
A troubled soul
Put in a role
Lost control
But you stole
Many a person’s heart
Made football a living art
We all mourned when you had to part
So adored I shouldn’t start.

There’s so much to say
Say a little if I may
Nineteen forty-six
Produced a whole bag of tricks
We get so many kicks
From watching old Georgie flicks.
Filled us all with pride
When we watched you slide
And glide
The envy of every side.
A whole world adored ya
We’re never going to get bored of
Watching all your magic
Made football fans addicts
Made a whole world believe
With Georgie on your side
There was nothing you could’t achieve.
Put you on the field
Watch opponents getting peeled
Move to the right and skip back in
Leave defenders staring at the wind.
To be a champion
Georgie, you can bank on him
‘We’d chant for him
As they’d try and stamp on him.’
But you were too quick
One trick, one flick
Two skip
One kick
You had it.
One goal
‘He’s on a roll’
See you score
Hear them roar
Another score
They’d roar for more.
‘Watch him twist and turn you’
George, you’re missed, we mourn you.

Through this sad bereavement
We’ll remember your achievements
What a great career
European footballer of the year
Played the game with a unique veneer
Created the atmosphere
They were screaming in the tiers
Screaming your name for years
The fifth Beatle
An idol to the people
Strong in the tackle
Bestie’s hard to rattle
Never shied from a battle
In many an eye, you were the apple.
Glued to the TV in anticipation
You were truly an inspiration
That cheeky smile that would cross your lips
Dressed in style, dined with the rich
So agile on the pitch
If a little fragile off of it.
But we look between the lines
The drinking came with the times
And addiction is a kind of disease
Almost like watching you bending your knees
Skipping past defenders as you’d please
And you did it with such ease.
Many who sympathised
Were more often mesmerised
Let it be recognised
How you synchronised
Pace, skill, and passion
And you did it all while laughing.
Such a blend, all compact
Must recommend you don’t turn your back
George can defend and George can attack
Now it’s the end, I tip my hat.
And from amongst the crowd
As Georgie takes a rest
We want you to know you did us proud
We’ll always remember ‘The Best’.

© Daniel Breslin