Call On Me

Call on me
Pretty lady
Whenever you need
Good company
For times are tough
These days baby
I’ll be as happy to see you
As you me.

People keep talkin’
I don’t always listen
As they keep tellin’ me
What I should be.
With you whether kissing’
Talkin’ or just sittin’
I don’t need to be
Anything, but me.

Call on me
Pretty baby
If ever you,
Are feeling down.
If you want to talk
I’ll just listen
Or we can dust it off
And paint the town.

Need a place
To lay or play
Then woman
I’m your man.
When you want
You can stay
Wish to leave
You always can.

Call on me
Pretty lady
Whenever you feel
The want or need.
I’ll not make demands
Try and command
Or try understand
Anything you don’t need.

If you’re feeling alone
Pick up the phone
If I can
I’ll call by
For life is a dance
And without its romance
The living
Are only living to die.

So call on me
Pretty lady

Drive me crazy
Make me laugh and cry.
For life is a dance
And in its romance
Is where the livin’
Start learning to fly.

© Daniel Breslin