Everything You Wanted

I wish I was everything you wanted
And a whole lot more
If I had it I would flaunt it
If it brought you to my door
It seems I ply myself hopelessly
As I pry you to notice me
My eye lingers hopefully
Your eye seems to open me
But it’s gaze will pass
In the blink of an eye
Look in my glass
Drink’s running dry
I’m a shrouded face
In this crowded place
If I was allowed some space
In this overcrowded race
If you could meet my gaze
For more than a second
You could make me or kill me
For those eyes could be weapons
They could be daggers
Or ladders to light
In this room of advancers
You hold the answers tonight.

When you move in step
I lose my breath
You ooze finesse
Did I move out of depth
I want to dive past the shallow
Straight into the deep
You you’re not shallow
There’s depth underneath
I want to take a peek
If I could get close enough
But around you I feel weak
No act of being tough
I’m exposed
Although quietly
My heart’s closed
Doesn’t want variety
For only you will do
I look in my heart I know it’s true
But I know that I’m behind
When you pay me little mind
But I don’t give up
Cause you’re definitely worth the fight
Always keep the chin up
Some say you won’t, but you just might.

© Daniel Breslin