End Of An Era

It is the end of an era
Don’t say end of my youth
I feel it brought us much nearer
Much closer as a group
After all fights and all arguments
Do you know what the hard thing is?
It’s definitely parting ways
So there were definitely happier days
These walls are just stone
But these walls were our home
Just rubble to you
Worth more than double to few
Way of living could never have remained
But the memories that it contained
Are memories that I’ve now framed
Probably nothing that I’d of changed
A lot of new friendships born
Some friendships worn
A few of them were torn
But they were all reborn
To a greater state
No greater escape
Than a place with all your mates
Knew eventually we’d have to hit the brakes
Some said it was the mother of all dives
But it was a kind of mother in our lives
It helped us open eyes
And it’s sad saying goodbyes
Anytime anyone wanted a laugh
Or wanted a place to crash
All they’d have to do is ask
Now that’s all in the past.

No longer have the house
So no longer people nipping in and out
Everybody is leaving
So nobody will have the freedom
To call in every evening
You didn’t need a reason
People were always dropping in
Catching up on how we’ve been
What you been doing?
Who you been seeing?
Many jokes leaving smiles beaming
Many tough times not ignored
But not many times when you’d be bored
Times of strain
But can’t complain
If they came again
I’d so the same
Though it brings a certain sadness about me
Cause simply
I see
Times shared in this house
We might never again see
Because right before my eyes
I see us moving forward in different lives
All fights are history
It’s simple nights drinking tea
That will always stay with me
Yeah there were harder drinks than tea
But they all blur into one
Nights of intoxication
Don’t always mean more fun
It’s nights of simplicity
I’ll remember more vividly
Yeah I’ll remember fondly
The nights that we got jarred
But there was a greater bonding
On the nights we dropped our guard
Times when we let others in
We became more like brothers then.

I’m just thankful for the opportunity
That created all that unity
My friends and family are my community
A lot of times that they’ve been through with me
Packed my bags
With all the memories I’m filing
And I’m just glad
I’m leaving the house smiling
For though I’m sad saying goodbye
And a piece of me wants to cry
I can’t help but keep a grin
When I think of times that have been
Though I’m still young
I’m quickly growing up
At times I want to stay young
And wish the world would just slow up
But it keeps moving and we keep growing
It won’t stop moving, so I won’t start slowing
No I’ll keep going
But I keep stowing
All these memories, I stack them up
It’s a lot of memories, we’re packing up
And as I fill my bags
With what now feel like worthless rags
I think of all the times we’ve had
And I think at times we must be mad
It was an experience, if nothing else
And that experience, was something else
Times I never will replace
So I take my time don’t leave with haste
And as I reach the bottom of these stairs
And give each last room its due stares
I recap all the times we’ve shared
And know that now I’m more prepared
Cause as we shut the door
One last time on this house
I know we took a lot in, but I realise
We’re definitely taking more out.

© Daniel Breslin