It takes a Queen, to create a star
Held in such high esteem, a Queen’s what you are
Not every Queen, wears a crown
Though it’s there to be seen, you’re the Queen of this town.

When we see your heart, and it shows such love
We hope you see your part, you’ve done so much good
Your life has been hard, we’d ease if we could
Held in such high regard, spare more time than you should.

You can’t hide your passions, they lie in your actions
Not something you ration, they’ll be ever lasting
You’ve extended your hand, across many a land
Extending the brand, to many more fans.

Now all he begun, you’ve continued with some
Now fans of your son, are fans of his mum
With an elegant style, an evident guile
An ever present smile, the superlatives pile.

It’s a testament to your will
And it’s a testament to Phil
How each day of yours you fill
With a display of your good will.

So when I think of words of praise
I think of the ones Philip gave

“If you see my aul one
Won’t you give her all of my love
For she has a heart of gold there
As good as God above.”

Philip gave you his
Now we mean to give you ours
Philomena with a kiss
You’re our Queen among the stars.

© Daniel Breslin