Keep Your Measure

We can’t always be up
We can’t always be high
It’s as okay to laugh
As it’s as okay to cry.

It’s a human experience
Reading this, that’s you
Sharing the experience
Is the best we can do.

We can’t always be smiling
We can’t always shine
Sometimes we’re tired
Sometimes we’re not fine.

Sometimes we have our dips
Sometimes we have our falls
Sometimes we seal our lips
Sometimes we build our walls.

Sometimes we need a little help
Sometimes we need a little rest
Sometimes we need to just think of self
Give others a little less.

We can’t always be flying
We can’t always give
But if we keep on trying
There’s some glorious days to live.

And on those days
When we give and come together
The world will amaze in ways
Till you’ve never felt better.

So keep on pushing
When the world pushes about
When the world says fuck you
Push your fucking chest out.

If you can keep your measure
Like a hidden treasure
When it gets too stormy weather
We’ll fight the bitch together.

© Daniel Breslin