Love To Love

I love to love
I love to give
I don’t keep bad blood
I love the life I live.

Made a fool of myself many times
But I love the fool I am
And while there’s life to live
I just don’t give a damn.

I love the life I live
And I got a little love for all
We’ve to create our own happiness
Especially, when we fall.

Life is for the living
And I live my life for love
It’s love that keeps me driven
Love’s my favoured drug.

When you can’t give your love to someone
Then give it to yourself
Love’s my savoured drug
Love’s my favoured wealth.

Learn to love yourself
And others will learn to love you too
And if your love loves someone else
Give it time, you’ll find someone new.

Learn to love your life
Even when it feels life’s not loving you
And if your love gets cut
Heal up and love anew.

There’s so many people in this world
And they all deserve a little love too
Use hurt to help your love toughen up
For tough love, has always seen me through.

Live your life your way
And I’ll live mine my way too
And I love to love
So that’s what I’m gonna do.

© Daniel Breslin