Paranoia’s eating me
It gets worse
I think it’s beating me
On top of that it’s cheating me
Out of everything
I plan on keeping for me
It wants the lot
Driving away everything I’ve got
Giving me visions
Of how others are living
Hours of fibbing
It’s building a prison
It’s trapping me in
My mind’s at it again
Thoughts in a spin
Picture her kissing him
Picturing them
Two cheating friends
Mind in knots
Over figment plots
Indignant shots
Get in and rots
At my sanity
Too smart for vanity
So I question their humanity
As he suppresses the man I could be
They’re my friends too long a time
To be fibbers, the thought is silly
But I’m at my wits end, as the thought hits my spine
My body shivers, as if it’s chilly.

You’re a mind destroyer
I don’t want to be your employer
All I do is annoy her
With foolish thoughts
That you have brought
I’ve tried I’ve fought
But it seems I’m bought
Just one more toy
You aim to destroy
Release this boy
And cease this ploy
Are my efforts in vain?
Can I beat your game?
Trips down memory lane
All you brought me is pain
Your work is invisible
But you leave me miserable
I just want to be happy
But you keep at me
Can’t let you trap me
Let your efforts zap me
Of all my energy
Leaving me just a memory
Of the life I used to have
The man I used to be
With you it’s twice as bad
Your plan’s no use to me.

Paranoia we’ve met before
Please stop knocking at this door
You’re getting old, becoming a bore
Let loose your hold, and leave me for
You’re destroying everything that I am
I really don’t like this man
I just stare at my reflection
And don’t feel we even bare a connection
Is my hold lost? Do we not relate?
As cold as frost, my heart breathes hate
Paranoid fits, that I resent
Have me lying in pits, of self contempt
‘I swear on the bible, I never meant’
My words spiral my descent
Falling deeper through his realms
Hard to keep her with him at the helms
Fine picks his spot with a lens
Then his arms extend
Now my thoughts descend
To her with other men
It eats me whole
Release this soul
Set me free
From your misery
End your spell
You’re making my life hell
Your negative thoughts
Are thoughts I need to expel
For only positive thoughts
Are thought to excel.

© Daniel Breslin