Sometimes you can’t make it on your own
Sometimes you can’t make it by yourself
Sometimes this world will cut you to the bone
You can’t always, refuse everybody’s help.

Sometimes this life will tare your guts out
Sometimes it will break your heart
Does no good to keep everybody shut out
Make what’s tough, ever more hard.

Sometimes this life will eat you up
Sometimes it will beat you down
There’ll be times it seems you have no luck
As you look at what you built crumble to the ground.

It’s times like these you can’t make it on your own
Times like these, you discover your real friends
They’re the ones once all is known
Don’t even have to ask, they insist on help.

Times like these, character emerges
Times like these, are times to grow
Times like these, serve a purpose
Just make sure these times, are not all you know.


© Daniel Breslin