The Mind Of A Girl

The mind of a girl
Now there’s a crazy world
Be careful when you enter
Thread easy when you venture
It seems easy to offend
Spend half my time trying to mend
My many flaws
Has me banging my head of the walls
Trying to sort out problems that I cause
Wish I’d taken time to pause
Every time I open my mouth
The wrong words come out
It’s like my brain has a drought
When it starts working, it’s drowned out by her shout
So many changes
In her emotional ranges
At times has me feeling
Like we’re two complete strangers
Everything I say, seems to offend her
Makes me feel like a pretender
Don’t feel like a real contender
Her heart may be one I’ll never render
One I’ll never tame
Point the gun but who’s to blame
Time will change
It ain’t been the same
Her furious shouts
Bring curious bouts
Of serious doubts
Delirious louts
Strung out on a love that use to be
What happened to you and me?
Used to stay up all night talking
Now everyday we fight, I feel like walking.

I remember the beginning
When eyes set
One of the sexiest women
I ever met
That’s my opinion
And I’ll never forget
Those nights in linen
Breaking sweat
Now the lights are dimming
You’re always upset
Fights you try winning
To keep me in check
All you do is reject
Has me feeling inept
Feel I’m breaking my neck
To get a little respect
You’re so easy to vex
It’s just gotten complex
Say you don’t want the sex
What’s it going to be next?
It’s getting hard to cope
We’re becoming a joke
We should cut the rope
Before we both choke
We’re just hanging on
To a love that’s gone
In our foolish youth
Fighting nail and tooth
Should we end it now?
All we do is row
Calling me pig, I’m calling you cow
Should we take our bow?
We’re living a lie
Should we say goodbye?
Or turn a blind eye
And give it one more try.

We’re staying together
But we should know better
All I do is upset her
Thought we’d last forever
But we’re drifting apart
There’s a rift in her heart
But I’d be lying to you
There’s a rift in mine to
There’s things we both want to do
But we lie and stay true
We both have our own dreams
Our own ambitions
But we’ve become machines
Our loves tradition
It’s them anniversary days
That keep our ways
When each heart betrays
As each mind portrays
Them exciting days past
So we tighten our grasp
Such big bridges
Take time to burn
We’ve hit many ridges
But in time we’ll learn
I’m just trying to show, some decency
When I was low, she calmed the beast in me
But it’s hard to let go, peacefully
Because’I know, she’s a piece of me
If we say our goodbyes
A piece of me dies
But when I look in her eyes
I know we’re living on lies
It just takes time,
To nip the bud
And up and quit
On your first love.

© Daniel Breslin