The Party It Has Ended

The party it has ended
The faces fade away
The sun it has ascended
And cast the light of day.

Away from home
I’ve hit the ground
I’m on my own
Going southbound.

Moving fast
In no hurry
Many have past
Mocked their scurry.

Some try to outlast
Embrace the blurry
When the shadow’s cast
There’s only worry.

It’ll come
There’s no escaping
When rises the sun
It’s knowingly waiting.

Can try and outrun
Escape the aching
Race can’t be won
It waits gaping.

Now I’m wasted
Trying hard to outpace it
It’s near I taste it
‘You lost this race kid’.

I hear it speak
And I feel weak
It’s voice is deep
But not something I’ll keep.

As I retrieve from the peak
It’ll ease in brief
A sleazing thief
Come to relieve the beast.

© Daniel Breslin