What Do They Know?

Yeah they always want to put us down
Make a joke out of us when we’re around
It seems they want to run us out of town
But what do they know?

Yeah they don’t want to see us in this place
Soon as they see us their straight on our case
I’m tired of seeing their judgement face
But what do they know?

Yeah they got our backs against the wall
Waiting impatiently for us to fall
Yeah they act like they know it all
But what do they know?

See, I only know what I see
And I see you and I see me
And I know they’re everything I’d hate to be
So I stand tall

It’s true that every dog will have its day
But I’m not letting them dogs have their way
They can keep on dogging me
But what do they know?

They can go on running their mouth
We’re the fire they can’t put out
They don’t know what we’re about
Cause what do they know?

Yeah they keep on pushing us aside
Hoping we’ll be dragged out with the tide
But the blind can’t see what we don’t hide
For we won’t go.

We won’t go.

© Daniel Breslin