What? Why? Love?

What are the things that make me love you?
What is it you have that makes you more?
Why is it you I always long to run to?
And when I leave only long for more?

What is it in you?
Touches something in me.
Makes me feel something new
Changes how I see.

What is it that’s different?
Is it love? Am I sure?
Could it really last the distance?
How much could it endure?

What is it that grips?
Catching unawares
Invisible it exists
More visible when it’s shared.

What is it? Is it love?
Or just a strong fascination?
If one embraces it and it’s good
Can one then resist temptation?

It’s something that I want
Though it scares me right through.
To trust someone with your cares
While all their cares rest on you.

© Daniel Breslin