What’s The Story Glory?

I’m just driving in my city
Drinking in its sights and sounds
These sights and sounds uplift me
Whenever I’m feeling down.

See a couple with a bottle of whiskey
Sitting on powerscourt steps
With it they take a selfie quickly, making faces
And they laugh themselves to death.

I drive off less than swiftly
With a smile heavy set
It’s hard to know what in the moment hit me
But it hit me in my depth.

I look around me now
Eyes on people having fun
Music in the car kicks in
There’s been a lot of loss, but I'm not done.

Drive by a girl
Pouting, taking selfies
She doesn’t care
Who looks as they pass
And there’s something
In the way, she doesn’t care
Makes me only care
To laugh.

Today was a hard one
Had a few things tearing on my heart
And the way I deal with hard ones
Is drink them in, and plan new starts.

So I’m out looking for love and hope
Any way they will come
And today I got lucky
I’m in Dublin, in the Sun.

This is my city
It courses through my heart and veins
See someone on harder times than me,not all pretty
Find myself wondering his name?

When in his cup someone drops in money
And such a healthy smile back at them he aims
I move my eye back to the road
And feel more than my car switching lanes.

For where there’s life there’s hope
And we can still have gratitude in our pains
And I silently thank that bloke
For the memory my mind now claims.

There’s women lightly dressed
There’s smiles all around
There’s so much life and hope
When Sun shines on my hometown.

Drive down Kevin Street
There’s a group out drinking
Around a table, having chats
Beneath the flats.

Me, I get to thinking
Of my friends
Similar days gone
And how it’s hard to beat times like that
When you’re laughing
In the heat
Among people
Who’ve got your back.

Then I start to thinking about my needs
And how they’re not being met
The life I want to lead
And the life it now seems I need forget.

Maverick Sabre is singing Glory
Tells me keep my head up that I cope
And that song does so much for me
I cherish every word and note.

I put it on repeat and I go driving
Go climbing up them hills
Remind myself that I’m surviving
And it gives me strength of will.

I’m just looking at the blueprints
Redesigning my plans
About what to grip and what to loosen
And what’s actually within my hands.

I can’t live the lives of others
I can’t build a life on only hope
Heartbreak pulls away them covers
And silence treats me like a dope.

I accept the acts of others
Even if their acts don't make me feel good
And must find solace in the fact
I know my acts were out of love.

What’s the story glory?
There’ll be glory yet for me
Like I see in the lives of others
When Sun shines on my city.

I’m done with surviving
It’s thriving now I seek
Mind, soul and feeling
Are intertwining
While I’m driving
I think they’re aligning,
Could be something defining when they meet.

I rose up out of darkness
I rose up out of pain
I’ll rise up out of heartbreak
I rise and rise again.

What’s the story glory?
There’ll be glory yet for me
Like I see in the lives before me
When Sun shines on my city.

What’s the story glory?
There’ll be glory yet for me
Like I see in the lives before me
When Sun shines on my city.

© Daniel Breslin