You Can Call Him Al

I will never forget you
I will never sacrifice you to time
As with most who met you
The privilege was always mine.

I remember instances
That showed to me your depth
Acts of kindness seen in the simplest
Are the very acts I will never forget.

I remember our conversations
Where we shared similarities in our goals
And no matter how grave the topic or situations
Somehow always ended, laughing uncontrolled.

I have never met anyone more thoughtful
In how they may help the ones they love
Or as willing to sacrifice as much of themselves
If they thought it may do those loved good.

I will always mention your name
Sometimes I still hear your laughter
Your loss has already brought enough pain
Not to talk of your life would be a greater disaster.

When someone great is gone
We can often lose them in our speak
For their life made us all that more strong
And their loss makes us all that more weak.

I will never forget you
Or ever fear to bring up your name
For it’s the people who never met you
My eyes see as the ones in more pain.

Your name will still bring laughter
Your life will still give people joy
As we try lessen the pain on those poor bastards
Who never had the privilege of the man to enjoy.

You can call him Al
A lucky few can call him friend
And typical of our pal Al
He’ll somehow have us all laughing at the end.

I will never forget you
Nor ever sacrifice you to time
And as with most who met you
The privilege, shall forever, remain mine.

(In Memory Of Alan Cummins)

© Daniel Breslin